Umbrella Song

Written on January 27, 2017   By   in Origin Story

An umbrella’s great
There’s so many things you can do with it

An umbrella’s great ’cause
When it’s very sunny
And there’s no trees near your house
You can have an umbrella instead

And not just that
There’s many more uses

Six I think

When it’s sunny,
And you’re forced to run laps
You can hold an umbrella
To make it so it’s cool

And also so you can see better
When it’s a bright, sunny day

When you’re swimming
And it’s bright
It makes it so you can see better to swim

When you’re in a bath
Or shower
You can use an umbrella
To block your privates

And when you’re bored of Christmas lights
It makes it cooler
When you hold an umbrella
Near Christmas lights
It has lines to make it cooler

And of course
Lots of people know
When it’s rainy
It keeps you dry

Song improvised by Dorian Zieger, age 8, while sitting in the bathtub, holding an umbrella